Eco Friendly Christmas Tips

Every season 35 million trees are cut down to accommodate the Christmas season. One tree has the ability to remove 48 pounds of carbon from the atmosphere.

There are countless lessons to teach our children at Christmas time. In addition to this holiday not being about the gifts or material things, you can also teach them about how to make Christmas a time that we preserve our earth.  You might be thinking, BORING – but just look at the video and see how much fun being eco-friendly at Christmas can be.

First of all, your kids will love this, instead of buying a cut tree; buy a live tree that is still potted. When the season ends, you can then plant it in your garden. Live trees can be more expensive than artificial trees or even cut trees, but the lesser impact on the earth is worth the expense. You'll also be able to enjoy the tree for years to come.

second priority is what to decorate the tree with – well instead of spending money on glass ornaments and plastic ornaments, you can pop popcorn; string it together to make a great looking ornament. Or you can use the free pine cones that are all over your neighborhood and the kids will love gathering them.

Thirdly, you can purchase LED Christmas lights instead of traditional lights that are actually a fire hazard, because they heat up when they are on for too long.  LED Lights use less electricity so you'll be saving money too.

Lastly, what to use to wrap gifts? Instead of wasting all of that wrapping paper, try making homemade gifts which are often too big or bulky to be wrapped traditionally anyway. Instead, use gift bags that you have collected throughout the year.

Let your kids get involved in ways that they never imagined at Christmas. I promise, it will be an eye-opening and the merriest Christmas, yet!