View Full Version : Funny goat picture

09-17-2009, 03:09 PM
I was out in the goat area doing a little work on their shelter.. Its pretty hot out there so I sat down for a minute to rest.. Goats are very curious and Gavin, being a bottle baby, always has to be near me when I'm out there.. Always wants to be petted and scratched.. When I sat down, he came up next to me wanting some attention.. I took this picture as he was standing there.. He was also chewing his cud at the time and seems I caught him mid chew.. It's a disadvantage to have him so close to me when he's chewing his cud because cud stinks and he seems to like to do it right in my face.. But he's such a sweet heart, I just try to not let him get too close to my face, unless I'm kissing him on his face.. I won't be able to kiss him on the face for much longer though because bucks get very stinky faces during breeding season..