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01-29-2011, 12:49 PM
I just read in my local paper that the state of Michigan will allow home cooks/growers to sell their own goods directly to the consumers from home without having to have a commercial kitchen. We can also sell through farmer's markets and roadside stands.

Foods allowed to be cooked/made and sold will be most items that do not need any refrigeration such as cakes, some pies, donuts, breads, candies, flavored vinegars, cookies and such. Home canned foods is limited to only jelly or jam. We can also sell homegrown fruits and vegetables.

I have a idea I want to try but don't know if I have the resources this year to purchase the items needed to get going. I want to grow and sell in large, biodegradable pots, a variety of lettuces, greens, and spinach that someone can take home for "cut and come again salads". I also enjoy making breads, pies and cupcakes and would sell excess fresh vegetables as well when they start coming in season. In early spring, I can also sell extra plants I started indoors that I cannot use. For some reason I always start around 40 or more tomatoes knowing I will only use 8-10....but I love starting and babying tomatoes :)

We have a farmer's market right in our city every Sunday from May through October only a few miles from my home. The state allows us to earn a max gross of $15,000 per year...which I doubt I could earn anyway. I'm going to find out the requirements from the city for a booth. I may just have my own little stand this year.


04-13-2011, 12:23 AM
I live a little bit north of you :) I too am thinking of joining our farmers market. What I saw lacking in almost all areas last year was greens, and salad stuff. No one had it. I am thinking of dedicating a large area to the cause... and of course, the folks at my work are already asking me to plant an extra this or that for them to buy ;)

04-13-2011, 07:49 AM
Funny you should say that. I had the same thoughts. Unfortunately due to circumstances I couldn't control, I was unable to do what I wanted this year for the salad end of it other than what goes in the ground. My idea was to get large, decomposable pots and put lots of salad greens into them and sell them as "patio salad gardens". This was people could get fresh salads with a cut and come again type salad garden they can continue to grow themselves. Kim