View Full Version : Free Geraniums next spring

10-06-2008, 12:37 PM
Ok not really free but if you are growing them now, or have a neighbor who is, it is time to take cuttings to overwinter for next spring. I have a geranium that I have been taking cuttings from for 12 years now. My grandmother loved geraniums and when she passed away I took a cutting and have been growing it ever since. They are super easy to root...simply stick the cutting in some water, in about 3 months it will have lots of roots. Today I took 5 cuttings so will have at least 5 plants next spring. I also keep one in a pot and bring indoors. It will put out some beautiful blooms during the winter and by spring gets a little leggy so I take more cuttings.

It has been a wonderful reminder of my grandmother and I have passed cuttings on to my mother, daughter and granddaughter. This has been kind of a tradition since I also have a peony that was from my greatgrandmother.

Here is a picture of my granddaughter with a bloom from last winter...Kim