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01-27-2009, 09:41 AM
Question # 2 (#1 is about location but I don't have my pictures here at work so starting with #2..haha)

I just watched the milk paint video which looks very interesting. When you say "water spots", how spotty are we talking?

I would like to paint my raised beds as well as some fence posts/gate (I need to build a fence around the garden to keep the deer out). I'm trying hard to make this garden "pretty" so my man will buy in and let me expand at some point. I think he is worried it is going to be a big, high maintenance, weedy mess like the gardens his family had growing up :rolleyes:

I like the milk paint idea but am not sure what that will end up looking like, and I also saw some linseed oil paint online...is that a safe option too?


01-31-2009, 04:10 PM
Milk paint is pretty spotty. Here is a small image, sorry, of the ones I painted. Check out the 4 season gardening video as well. Don't paint the inside of the beds. I used black so that the beds can absorb the sunlight. As far as linseed oil, you should be fine with an un-tinted kind but double check the label. You have a lot you would have to cover so maybe you should experiment with both, 1st. Both options are pretty expensive, so you should be sure before you purchase the amount you need. In my main garden I only painted one. and let that sit for about 1 year before I decided. Also, both applications require a lot due to the fact that the wood absorbs soo much of the product. You will need at minimum 2 coats of the paint and possibly 3 coats of the linseed oil. Make sure you sand the wood first to remove any dirt and have a smoother surface.