View Full Version : A couple interesting ebooks to read

01-28-2009, 03:52 PM
I was browsing online and found this site which has some interesting books converted to ebooks. The first one "The War Garden Victorious" was written in 1917. http://www.earthlypursuits.com/WarGarV/WarGardTitle.htm

This one is from the 1940's and talks about and teaches about the Victory Garden. http://www.earthlypursuits.com/WarGarV/WarGardTitle.htm

Here is a link to more interesting old books http://www.earthlypursuits.com/Books/OldBooklibrary.htm

Let us not forget what Patti is teaching us now...it seems that things are coming full circle.

Do you have your Victory Garden/urban homestead etc? What are you calling it? Kim