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04-26-2009, 08:07 PM
Yesterday was my birthday and my mom sent me some money and my inlaws sent me a gift card.. And guess what I spent them on.. I'm finally getting started on my first raised bed.. I went with cinder blocks since they last forever and will last in all the rain we get in Florida.. I also like the idea of being able to plant more in the holes of the blocks..

I cheated myself out of a block because I miscounted as I was loading them onto the cart.. Or trolly.. Whatever you call those big things with the wheels on them at Lowes.. But when I got to the register I told the guy I had 24 blocks.. Didn't find out until I was home and unloading them that I only had 23.. It turned out ok though because I found out I really only needed 20 for the bed..

The 23 blocks..

The bed how I will roughly have it.. I have to level the ground a bit more and clear out the excess vegetation before I actually set each one in its permanent place..

I also bought a roll of burlap which I will be putting under the bed as a weed barrier.. I wanted burlap since it will degrade after a while.. I didn't want to use regular landscaping fabric because I think its made of plastic and I didn't want to put plastic in the yard in any form.. Reminds me of when I've tried to plant things in mulch where people had put the clear plastic under it.. I HATED that stuff.. So, no plastic in my yard.. The orange tarp doesn't count since it will become the top of another goat shelter..

I also had my supervisors to make sure I was doing things right..

I'll probably do the permanent setting and everything tomorrow.. Will take more pics then..

Oh, forgot to say that the inside of the bed is 4ft by almost 8ft.. The outside of the bed is a little over 5ft by a little over 9 foot..

Garden Green
04-28-2009, 07:11 PM
Heh, cute goats. And very cool that you are working on getting your bed together.