30 Minute Flower Garden

What else can you do in 30 minutes that will be this rewarding?

No more excuses. Welcome to your 30 minute flower garden. In 30 minutes you will be able to plant petunias, zinnias, hydrangeas and any other garden delight you have dreamed of, but always thought it would be too much work…Wrong!

I’d like to introduce you to one of my secret gardening weapons – they’re called Garden Soxx.  Garden Soxx were originally used for erosion control but now they are used as a containment system for gardening. This nifty black tube looks like a sock and it is a perfect environment for growing plants!  The long tube is flexible and pliable and can come with organic soil already in it. The filled socks are a little heavy, but it is manageable if you can lift about 35 pounds or you can get someone help you put them in place.

Once the long tubes are set on a solid surface where there’s sun, you can use your scissor to make slits large enough to place your plant inside. Once all your plants are planted, you can water, as usual. I like to water once in the morning and once in the evening.

What you’ll need for your thirty minute garden

And plans for your first garden party!