Growing Tomatoes

I have a confession to make. I am completely obsessed with growing tomatoes. I plant all different kinds every single year, from little black cherries to huge ox heart tomatoes. Red, green, yellow, orange, purple, even striped - I just can't get enough. I eat them in soups, sauces, salsas, salads, and even fresh off the vine with a little basil and salt… yum! My favorite tomatoes to grow are heirloom tomatoes, which means the seeds are handed down generation after generation based on the best flavor.

But tomatoes can be tricky to grow. Some types grow better in my climate than others, and they have very specific soil and watering needs. There are even special ways of planting them to get the best results. But fear not! In these videos I'm going to share with you all my best tips and techniques for planting, maintaining, and harvesting amazing tomatoes right at home.

Tomato Planting Tips

I am slightly obsessed with tomatoes. In fact, I grow about 25 different varieties of tomatoes each year.  In this video, I am joined by my friend and fellow tomato enthusiast, Urban Gardener, William Moss.  Check us out; we’re talking about the dos and don’ts of planting tomatoes. You don’t want to miss it.

The most important thing to know about tomatoes is that they must be planted deeply.  – The roots grow out of the stems and the root balls bring water and nutrients to the plant and so it’s critical that they are planted deeply enough to access all of the nutrients from the soil. Make sure to remove all of the branches that are going to under the soil.  All areas of the stem can produce new roots - so don't worry. It’s always important to add compost to your soil and make sure that the compost contains calcium.


Night Shade Plants

To properly grow tomatoes they need to have a good amount of water, be supported, and get plenty of sun, Potatoes are just the opposite…
How can they be related?

If it’s late spring you may notice that gardener’s conversations have turned suddenly to potatoes and tomatoes. It’s that time again! What could potatoes and tomatoes possibly have in common? Nothing! Guess again, they’re actually cousins - both from the Night Shade Family and both native to South America. If you’re not an expert on vegetable families, your naked eye might notice the similarities in their leaves. After that, I’m afraid that’s where the similarities end.


Planting Potatoes

Watch while I plant potatoes in a 4X8 raised bed with melon, tomatoes and greens. Planting Potatoes is a unique experience, you'll be surprised. I'm going to plant Yukon Gold and Russet potatoes.

You probably won't believe that this thing that I am holding is actually a potato seed, not a potato. A potato seed can grow a lot so you need to break up the seeds into sections. You will notice that potatoes have some holes in their skin. These holes are called "eyes." You need at least two eyes for each section that you are planting.


My Almost Record Tomato

I am not a competitive type, but I must admit that I was very curious to see how all of my gardening efforts were measuring up with others tomato growers. Size does matter, sometimes.

I looked online and found that one of the largest tomatoes grown in the state of Massachusetts was 1.76 pounds. Although I never officially entered any competitions, I had a feeling in my bones that, unofficially, I could be a winner, too.

With cameras rolling and you as my guests, we’ll go down to my garden to find the biggest tomato I’d ever grown. It’s massive. You’ll be impressed.