Planting Potatoes

Watch while I plant potatoes in a 4X8 raised bed with melon, tomatoes and greens. Planting Potatoes is a unique experience, you'll be surprised. I'm going to plant Yukon Gold and Russet potatoes.

You probably won't believe that this thing that I am holding is actually a potato seed, not a potato. A potato seed can grow a lot so you need to break up the seeds into sections. You will notice that potatoes have some holes in their skin. These holes are called "eyes." You need at least two eyes for each section that you are planting.

The other thing about potatoes is that they are grown underground, and so you can't start them inside like other vegetables - they have to originate in the earth.  Potatoes should be spaced out evenly and planted at least 3" deep. The cool thing about potatoes is that the deeper you plant, the more potatoes you yield.

My plan is to plant four rows of potatoes, so I need eight potato seeds.

Watch how I do it. That is the beauty of raised beds, less work and less strain on your back.

Now that I have put the potatoes in the ground, all I have to do is wait for all the vegetarians to come knocking. Potatoes are a hit with that crowd!