My Almost Record Tomato

I am not a competitive type, but I must admit that I was very curious to see how all of my gardening efforts were measuring up with others tomato growers. Size does matter, sometimes.

I looked online and found that one of the largest tomatoes grown in the state of Massachusetts was 1.76 pounds. Although I never officially entered any competitions, I had a feeling in my bones that, unofficially, I could be a winner, too.

With cameras rolling and you as my guests, we’ll go down to my garden to find the biggest tomato I’d ever grown. It’s massive. You’ll be impressed.

So, the next thing to do was to see if we could have been a winner, if we had entered the competition. Let’s all go down to the corner store to get the unofficial but official weight on my own Tiffen Mennonite Heirloom tomato. Is it bigger than 1.76 pounds?

Come with me to find out…
Just remember – whether you win or lose, it’s the effort. I pride myself on always getting an A for effort, at least!

Enjoy My (Almost) Record Tomato video!