Bantam Chick=Black Gold

I love my house, but I hate my soil! Urban gardeners are often met with less than desirable soil. But I’ve figured out how to work around that urban handicap.

I’d like to introduce you to a few of my favorite friends – I call them “my A-Team.” They have the power to transform my less than great soil into Black Gold!

Meet my Adult Bantam Chickens who work for my family in several ways. They lay small but delicious eggs in hues of blue, pink and green and they scratch my soil, turning it and then they leave powerful nutrients that make my gardens thrive. I’d like for you to meet Napoleon, Dynamite, White Silk Butt, Black Silk Butt and Rocket.

As you see, they don’t always leave my yard pristine. But because I know what they can do, I pick up after them like a good mother should.

Tips for cleaning up after your chicks make a mess:
Cover the area with grass seed
Cover with hay
Be grateful for their gifts!