Deadheading Plants with William Moss

What is deadheading? Sounds spooky.Well, it's not. It's just a funny word for pruning.

I'm here with William Moss who is going us to tell us everything we need to know about the process of deadheading and why it's important for the overall health of your bedding plants.

Deadheading does two things for your garden, it tidies it up and it re-directs the plant's energy from the dead flower heads to creating new flowers.

Watch us as we deadhead some Feverfew and  Echinacea plants with small pruning shears.

Deadheading is something that you can do daily or you can delineate a special "deadheading day." I deadhead in the growing season for prolonged blooms, but once cold weather hits I don't prune any more.  I leave the dead flower heads for wildlife like birds to feast on the seeds thru the winter.