How to Freeze Culinary Herbs

Fresh herbs look amazing in the garden and they taste even better in all of your favorite foods…especially Italian food. You probably guessed that I would say that. Today, I’m going to teach you a cool way to preserve your herbs for the whole year. Come with me….As you will see I have a delicious variety of parsley and basil. They are both a vibrant green and so aromatic that I just want to eat it all. Take off just the tops of the plants so they can continue producing. Then I take them into the kitchen and make sure that I have spices for the rest of the year.

Back in the kitchen, I have washed the herbs and put them in bowls. And then I will take out ice cube trays that I have just for this. I will fill each ice cube tray about ½ way and then fill each of the trays with hot water. This will preserve the color and the flavor. Once they have been frozen, I pop about twelve herb cubes into freezer bags, as you see here. Once the baggies are in the freezer, flavorful food is in the bag!