How to Grow Apple Trees

In this video, I am going to take you on a little tour through my city apple orchard.  You will see that I have planted Semi Dwarf and Dwarf trees and they are Red Delicious Apples and Cortland Apples.  Both of these varieties are excellent for cooking but the Cortland apples are slightly tarter, making them perfect for salads. The most important thing to remember about growing apples is that they take a few years before they fruit. These orchards that we are walking through are the result of work that I did nearly two years ago.  So be patient!

I think the most important thing I can share with you is the importance of pruning your apple trees. Because apple trees can grow to be huge, in a city orchard it’s even more important that you prune them carefully; keeping them accessible without disturbing their natural growth patterns. It’s important that the trees don’t get so tall that you can’t reach the apples and they go to waste.  Don’t prune too vigorously because you want them to grow in your specific landscape. When you do decide to prune, choose branches that are crossing over other branches. This will help with the airflow.  Make sure your apples are always within arms reach. After waiting two years, in your arms is where they will be.  Happy baking!

Some interesting facts about apples: