Growing Cucumbers

For the first time, you may say – what is Garden Girl doing? I know, I know – plants should not be planted so closely together. If you are a purist, you are shocked! But you have to remember, I’m originally from New York City. I know how to do everything in cramped spaces. I am a small space gardener and so I have had to learn to be creative and think outside the box. My secret is using raised beds, lots of worms and livestock which create the best fertilizer for my soil. With this powerful soil mix, I can’t go wrong. Today, you will see me planting four different types of cucumbers in my raised bed. Telegraph Improved Cucumbers were originated in England and they grow to be 18” long! I am also planting Boston Pickling Cucumbers which grow to be only 7-8:” long and their thick flesh makes them perfect for…pickling, hence the name. The third variety of cucumber I am planting is the Suyo Long Cucumber that originated in China. They are long and thin with a bumpy textured skin and they grow to be an impressive 18” long. The last cucumbers you will see me planting are Boothby’s Blonde Cucumbers which can also grow to be 7-8” long but can be harvested at 3-5”. What makes these particular cukes so unique is that they are yellow! They have a green flesh and amazing flavor.

At the end you will see the amazing results of cucumber planting. I know you want to try for yourself. Take it from me, you can do it - and in a small space!