Design a City Orchard by Planting Fruit Trees

Ancient Greek proverb: “A society grows great when old men plant trees in whose shade they know they will never sit in.”

The value of trees:

For those who live in an urban environment the thought of growing your own fruit seems crazy, but it can be as close as your own patio. In this video, you will get a short look at how easy and effortless it is to add dwarf fruit trees to your garden. You will see how my 1-year old grape vines of different varieties are easily planted in a raised bed. The dwarf fruit trees grow in a column and grow to be about 2 feet wide.

Here you will see how I transplant dwarf trees to my raised bed. It is important that the soil is loose in the pot while making the transfer and you are basically taking the root and putting it into good organic soil. When transferring a fruit plant it will have to be soaked when you first transplant it.

The only tip I have for adding fruit trees to your garden is:
  Be patient. It can take two years or more for your plant to start bearing fruit. But it is worth the wait. Believe me.