Growing Strawberries: A delicious ground cover

My advice is to plant more than one type of strawberry plant variety for a 
prolific and staggered harvest.

Strawberry Fields forever…Now I know what the Beatles were talking about…Although, I dutifully planted strawberries last year, I didn’t get the abundant harvest that I was hoping for. So this year, I have a new plan and I think I will be closer to those strawberry fields of the song…

Strawberries can grow in various climates and in most types of soil and most people are surprised to learn that when they bloom, they are covered in pink and white flowers. What you have to know is the type of strawberries you are growing. Last year, I planted Everbearing strawberries that grow throughout the year, but they are smaller in size and they don’t bear as many strawberries as my love for strawberries requires.

This year my daughter and I decided to plant 100 strawberry plants as a ground cover.  (Yes, 100!)) Strawberry plants happen to be a great ground cover because they tend to stay very low and bushy, and the runners that each plant produces, quickly fill in, covering the ground completely and choking out any potential weeds.

We have also decided to plant June Bearing strawberries that are larger. The only unfortunate thing about June Bearing strawberries is that they ONLY bear fruit in June.  This year, my strategy is to stagger my plantings with several different varieties so there is a constant supply of strawberries in my garden. Let Ale explain…check her out!

The two different types of strawberries: 

Tips for planting strawberries