How to Harvest Organic Vegetables Part 2

Well you never know what you’re going to find in the garden. You hope to find the fruits of your labors, or you may find what I found in my fruit orchards…that my little girl and her little friends like fresh fruit as much as I do!  The blueberry bushes had fruited and today they are bare. At least the girls had fun! Although my dwarf Courtland Apple tree looks promising, they are not quite ready. I continue looking until I see the best news of the day – a huge ripe watermelon that will be saved for my husband’s birthday dinner. He’ll be happy.  Watermelon can be grown in small spaces with a vertical support.  This year I was able to grow a watermelon this is yellow inside and oh so sweet.  The Harvest is kind of like Christmas and oh so fun! Come back and check out my third harvest adventure.