How to Install a Simple Garden Retaining Wall

I’m here with Kip Gardener from Filtrexx and he is going to show me how to use Gardensoxx to create a retaining wall for a sloping area of my garden that has a bad erosion problem.

Garden Soxx were originally invented for erosion control but because they are so versatile they have taken on multiple uses including planting in unexpected places. Today, we are going to see them being used as they were intended – to stop erosion. And then, of course I’ll use them to position plants in unexpected places.

I’ve had lots of problems on this slope where lots of water runs down, destroying my garden. Kip is going to show me how to use the Gardensoxx which are so conveniently filled with compost to solve all of my erosion problems. Look at them, they are so sturdy yet lightweight at the same time.   Kip shows me how to stack and position them like bricks to create a retaining wall. Watch us stack them, creating a mini-terrace.

I’m amazed at how cool it looks already and how easy it is to do alone or with a friend.

This erosion problem is now a thing of the past. Now, I can start planning how not to let that good prime compost go to waste. What will I plant?