How to Build a Raised Bed

I fell in love with the idea of raised bed gardening when I quickly learned how unreliable city soil can be. This video is all about getting you started with raised beds, including how to build your own. I will also demonstrate how to build a hoop house. The raised bed that you’ll see me building here only cost me $40. My raised beds are built, based on four foot beds and eight foot beds which happen to be the general measurement standard for lumber, which makes it easier. Let me share with you some of the reasons for my love of this method of gardening.

The Beauty of Raised Beds:
What you will need to build your raised bed and hoop house:

Each four foot bed requires about 32 cubic feet of soil.

What you need to build a hoop house:

All of the above, plus the following:

Although what I’m doing looks like hard work (which is good for you, once in a while) my hope is that it will inspire you. Sit back, relax and watch me at work. And, then get started…your garden is waiting.

In this video, besides the building demonstrations, I also share some end-of-the-season tips that will be useful to you as summer turns into fall and winter.  Did you know that you can use fallen leaves and grass clippings for composting? Did you know that the easiest way to rotate your livestock is building raised-bed style cages so they work with your raised bed. I will even show you how I jump start my new growing season by using a plastic cover over my soil for earlier planting.  The hoop house demonstration is blow by blow, so pay attention. This one may need popcorn!