How to Build a Water Garden

If you really want to bring your garden to life, integrate a water feature. Water features beautifully illustrate that a garden is a living, breathing thing!  This video shows you how I easily put together a water feature using common elements that are easily found in your neighborhood garden store. A while ago, I did a paving project and there was some leftover stone dust. As always, my water feature incorporates a raised bed, which very effectively houses my water feature. In the raised bed,  I fill it 1/2 way with a layer of stone dust. Then I dig a hole in the center of the sand dust where I put your pond liner. Then I back fill the area around the pond liner with soil. Once the pond liner is secure, I add some stones for a more natural look and to weight down the actual pond liner to make it more secure.

Next I install a pump. I use a fairly small pump which will simply circulate the water. For this size pond, I need a pump that will circulate about 40-80 gallons of water per hour.

I also put 1-2 inches of gravel at the bottom of the bucket where the pump will go.  The pump goes in the center of the pond, on top of the gravel. You will see that I have a “frog” spout. Isn’t he cute? He ”spits” out the clean recycled water into my pond, bringing it to life.
Now all that’s missing is the plant life. I have chosen to plant the following, but you should choose what works best for you and your garden.

I chose:

You can also add fish in the pond.  Start with baby koi and watch them grow before your very eyes.  After it’s all done…sit back and relax in your garden. That‘s what its for.