How to Grow a City Vineyard

Welcome to my Grape Arbor Trellis. Here you’ll see me training my grapes to grow upward on the trellis. I am using jute twine which is an organic material that complements the look of my garden. Because it’s natural it will eventually decay – but by the time that happens, my grapes will have already taken hold of my arbor.

As I attach the grapes, I do it loosely because the sun and rain will cause the jute to shrink. By giving the jute ample length in between each attachment, it allows the grapes and the jute to do what they do, without hampering the process.

Growing grapes is very simple as you can see here. Although this video is called City Vineyards, it is important to note that all grapes do not make good wine. The ones that I am planting are best for jams, jellies or even grape juice. If you want to grow grapes for wine, you need to look into grapes that taste better when fermented.

One of the leading mistakes that I see gardeners make is trying to grow fruits, vegetables and plants that do not thrive in their climate.

Be sure to do your due diligence when you go to the gardening store, ask specifically for things that will thrive in your climate.