How to Make a one Bobbin Scarf

It’s a rainy day and I am in my tiny house spinning again! I told you, it’s addictive. Today I’m working on making a one bobbin scarf which is unique because although I am using only one bobbin, I am able to combine several different types of fibers which will make a very unique handspun scarf that everyone will admire and you can tell them…it’s not available in stores!

You see here that I am working with Merino and Pygora Fibers. I like to work with Pygora because, believe it or not, it is seven times warmer than wool. The only challenge of working with Pygora is that these goats have unique hair that includes “guard” hairs that have to be removed before spinning it into yarn. The angora fibers can be slippery, but they are super-soft and leave cloud-like puffs in your fiber. It’s unique and attractive. Look at it.

Watch and you will see me drafting the fiber as thinly as possible. There are two approaches to drafting; quick draft which you see me doing and then the long draft method which you see me demonstrating, as well when I pull the fiber 30” inches or more away from the wheel, making it even finer.

As I said, there is so much more to know and learn about spinning and all I can say again is that spinning is a very worthwhile pursuit. Stay tuned for more quick lessons on spinning.

My recommendations:

Take a class – you can find them online in your area

If you like it and feel ready to invest, try out several different types of spinning wheels before you buy one