First Aid for a sick plant: Compost Tea

Compost tea works! I have seen it have miraculous results. Healing sick plants – now that’s my cup of tea!

Hold the sugar. This is NOT your cup of tea. This is tea for your plants.  In this video, I am joined by my friend Mark Highland of Organic Mechanics. You may have met Mark before, he’s my soil expert. Mark has spent most of his career researching soil and creating a unique blend of high quality soil that will do wonders for your garden. His unique blend includes compost, worm castings, coconut fiber, pine bark and perlite. The ratios of these ingredients are perfect after a decade of researching and getting it just right. The unique biology of the ingredients creates a sort of “Super food” for your plants. The macro pores produce a poly-saccharine that is sticky to the touch and works hard to retain the moisture in the soil, further nourishing your plants.

Compost tea is easy to make and it can spread a little compost a long way in your garden. Simply put, it is a way to infuse water with beneficial bacteria and nutrients from your compost supply and distribute it in a different format that is nearly 1000 times more potent than the original form and easy for your plants to access.

What you’ll need to brew Compost Tea

How to brew the tea