How to Make Seed Balls

What's great about wildflower seeds is that you really don't need to sow them in formal rows in raised beds like I do with my vegetables. There are a lot of creative ways to plant flowers in your yard, and one way is by making seed balls.

Seed balls are basically seed clusters, held together by a clay soil medium, that you can throw wherever you want plants to grow. This method is great for wildflowers, decorative grasses, or even herbs, but I like to do it with a blend of many different perennial wildflower seeds, so I'll be able to enjoy them year after year. Seed Balls are really fun to make!

You can make as few or as many seed balls as you want, as long as you keep your ingredients in the right proportions.

What you need:

5 parts dry red  terra cotta clay powder.  You can get it from a pottery supply store, and its important to make sure it's the dry powder, not the wet kind.

3 parts dry compost  It adds a lot of nutrients to the ground wherever these seeds fall, but I also like to use coco fiber, which is a great sustainable resource, and another great soil amendment. Try a mixture of both like I am.

1 part wildflower seeds (or any seed of your choice)

1-2 parts water. You add the water last, after everything is mixed together, and you want it to be just wet enough to stick together. If it gets too muddy, the balls will have trouble drying out later.

Make one to two inch size balls out of the mixture, and let them dry for 24-48 hours. Then you can either store them or start planting them in the spring time.  These seed balls are also great to give away as a gift or you can even sell them as part of a fundraisers, or just go for a walk and throw them wherever you want to see beautiful flowers growing!