How to Preserve Herbs in Ice Cubes

Basil and parsley are some of my favorite herbs, and theyʼre so easy to grow. But that means I usually end up with more of it than I could possibly use all at once. But not to worry, basil and parsley are easy to preserve all winter long by freezing them into ice cubes. Iʼn this video, Iʼll show you how.

Instead of drying them on the stem as you would with some other herbs, you want to remove all the leaves from your basil and parsley and stuff them into a couple of ice cube trays. Each cube should be about three-quarters full of leaves. Remember to keep them separate, if you mix the herbs together now, you may not be able to tell them apart once theyʼre frozen. Then, pour hot water into the trays until theyʼre full. The water doesnʼt have to boiling, but hot enough to cook the leaves slightly, preserving the flavor and color. Make sure the leaves are all submerged completely, and pop the trays into the freezer.

Give them a couple of days to freeze completely, and then you can remove your herbs and store them in ziplock freezer bags. Label them, and then put them back in the freezer. Now, whenever you want fresh herbs to season your soup or sauce, just toss in a couple of cubes, and they will melt right into your recipe!