Green Resolutions for the New Year: Installing an Eco Lawn

An Eco lawn is the ultimate green solution. An eco lawn uses 75% less water than a regular lawn…watch, read and go green!

An eco lawn is a combination of seven different fescue grasses that can reduce your water consumption, be a friend to the environment and will be the best lawn experience you’ve ever had! Not only is an eco-lawn environmentally friendly, the lack of maintenance required will make this lawn your new best friend.  This lawn is virtually maintenance-free, drought resistant and insect resistant. It even grows in shady areas, rocky areas and in poor soil.

Eco-lawns longer roots are able to grow deeper to find the water they need for the grass to stay green.  Fescue grasses also need little or no mowing because they are quick to germinate and slow to grow.  One mowing in the spring and one in the fall is really all you need.  Don’t want to mow at all?  Don’t worry.  Eco lawn looks great even when it is fully grown in. 

When I planted my own eco-lawn, last fall, I was shocked to discover that one five pound of eco lawn covers up to 1,000 square feet. In the video you will see me preparing the ground, scoring the earth, planting the seed, pulling excess weeds, raking leaves that had fallen and using a hand spreader to distribute the seeds. It seems like a lot of work, but it was actually fun! And the best part is, in the area of my lawn that was covered with shades and nothing ever grew there, is now full of lush green grass!

Check out the video and please visit to get more information on how to purchase…Be your best friend!