Insect Repellent for Gardeners from Sloggers and Insect Shield

What do gardeners need most to protect themselves from the dangers of the garden (sun, ants, flies, chiggers, midges, ticks and mosquitoes)? This is not a trick question. There is actually a solution. Sloggers have invented these excellent products that take sun screen and a big hat to the next level. Sloggers have introduced a line of insect repellent gear that looks great and protects even better. The repellent, which is all natural (found in chrysanthemums), is odorless and harmless and is sprayed directly into the garments. The repellent saturated hats, bandanas, and other items are good for over 70 washes. With these cool hats and scarves, your life has just been made amazingly easy. It's the bugs who have the problem now.