Know When to Water your Plants

When its fall, it’s time to start your indoor garden.

I have already started to bring in my containers with my rosemary, lavender and citrus trees. The only problem with the indoor garden is that there is no drip irrigation system inside and I need to know, for sure, when I need to water my indoor plants.

That’s when a Thirsty Light comes in handy. This nifty little gadget tells you exactly when you need to water your plants. For under $15.00 you can have a Thirsty Light of your own.  (

All you have to do is turn it on, pop it into your potted plant and if the light starts blinking, your plant needs water. Once you have watered the plant enough, the light stops blinking.

Thirsty Light comes in several sizes and they make one for hanging plants. The one thing I will caution you is that one thirsty light may not be enough if you have an assortment of sizes for your potted plants. If you put a small thirsty light in a large potted plant, it may give you a false reading causing you to over water.

But if you have several plants of the same size, you can always take the Thirsty Light out of one container and put it in another, to check the thirstiness.

You can even take your Thirsty Light outside when the plants start to go out. However, I don’t recommend that you leave it outside more than three seasons of the year.

Happy watering.