My First Farm Stand

Do you remember all those little seedlings that I started inside? Today you will see them all grown up and outside! Since I had such an abundance of seedlings, I decided to share the wealth and invite my neighbors in to see what is possible in the middle of the city! My daughter and I made a sign says “Organic Farm Stand" and waited for them to come. And they did. I've met so many of my neighbors thru my farm stand.  It was great to know that I played a small part in helping my neighbors heat healthy organic vegetables from plants that I started from seed.

I guess the best part of this video is my neighbor who calls an urban garden “surreal.” He is as excited as I am to be able to grow my own food for the health and well-being of my family and to be able to take control of my own health.

I can’t do justice to his excitement. Check him out for yourself. He would make anyone want to try their hand at gardening. I should hire him.