Pond Maintenance

Being a gardener is a dirty job. And, a wet one. Today, I am going to take care of my 7000 gallon pond, which is full of sunfish.  When my pond is properly maintained, it will give me about 300 pounds of fish a year.

The first thing I have to do is put in some Mosquito Dunks which kill mosquito larvae. It is actually a chemical known as BT (Bacillus Thuringiensis). Once I have thrown several of those into my pond, I will also add some barley straw pellets, which raise the PH level of my pond and make it a much better environment for my fish.

Then I will need to add Microbe Lift - a product that makes your pond water clear by adding beneficial bacteria, which gets rid of harmful nitrates.

Next, I have to clean the filter system in my pond. I figure, I may as well jump right in. Literally.

Once I have cleaned the filters and made sure that the inside of my pump is clean, I am done.

It's a wet job, and a gardener has to do it.