How to Shear a Rabbit for Spinning and Knitting Angora yarn

This video is a demonstration of how to shear an Angora rabbit because I’m going to make a hat for my six month old neighbor, Paolo! You will see my very big buck and how gentle and well-behaved he is. I am not sure he likes being filmed, so he is a little nervous and I have to pamper him a little by holding him and speaking gently to him. You will see that I take his beautiful lush coat and brush it first and remove all the matted hair. Then I use my Fiskars fabric scissors to cut it. As I mention, you must get a Fiskars sharpener when you buy these awesome scissors.

Once I have all of the hair together, I reward my buck by grooming him and spending some more pampering time with him, thanking him for his gift. It’s also a great time to clip his nails.

Paolo will be so warm in the baby hat that I’m making for him. Did you know that Angora wool happens to be 7 times warmer than Sheep’s wool? When blended with other fibers, it makes any knitted item super warm and super soft. Check out the next video about how to prepare this gorgeous hair for spinning!