Spring Garden Prep Work

The early bird gets the worm and a whole lot more! My early spring planning has paid off. With my use of hoop houses, I was able to plant two weeks before the last frost and now I already have some edibles!  This particular raised bed is a companion bed filled with several different things that all work together. This bed contains sunflowers, two rows of eggplants, cucumbers growing on a trellis, basil, marigolds, Mesclun salad, potatoes and finally corn and beans (Think Three Sisters).

In New England, where I live, we have a short growing season.  My Hardiness zone is 6 which means the Avereage low temperatures fall between 0°F through -10°F and in Boston my growing season is only 6 months out of the year.  Extending my growing season is necessary for me.  I create micro climates around my raised beds with the hoop houses.  As long as the temperature around the plants stays around 55°F, cool weather crops like lettuces, cabbages, and Asian greens can grow.

Helpful Hint for Spring Prep Work

Stagger your planting every two weeks so that you can enjoy a rotating harvest schedule. Once you have grazed through one, the next one is ready! Happy planting!