The Garden Girls Pick Blueberries

Today my daughter Ale, also known as the Garden Kid, and I are headed to New Hampshire to pick blueberries at Ale’s grandmother’s house. We’re psyched because there’s so much great stuff to get from her garden!  We are very happy to find that the blueberry bush has grown into a virtual wall of blueberries and since it’s a high bush blueberry bush, it will conceivably grow from 4-7 feet tall.  Ale and I have lots of fun picking these huge plump blueberries; many that we will take home and plenty that we eat right on the spot.  In between pitching berries into Ale’s mouth and missing a lot, we talk about the benefits of blueberries and their abundance of anti-oxidants. Ale asks me what they are and I explain to her that they contain and element that helps fight the onset of disease. She wants more!

There are so many blueberries I don’t even know what I will do with them all. I suggest a blueberry pie, or perhaps muffins or even pancakes. Ale votes for blueberry pancakes and that’s what we make as soon as we get home.

They are so good – that we eat them with our hands. No forks needed!