The Best Use for Fallen Leaves in the Garden? Make a Compost Bin!

Leaves…we all love how beautiful they are when they are fluttering to the ground in rainbow of autumn’s rich earth tones. We also hate how much work it is to get rid of them once they have completely blanketed the yard. This video will give you a new respect for fall’s biggest casualty.  Most suburban dwellers are taught to buy those big paper yard waste bags and put them at the curb for weekly pick-up. This year, will be different for you and your trash company. Instead you’ll utilize one of your yard’s best resources and make a compost bin so you’ll have compost in the spring.

In the video, you will see how I use a galvanized wire which comes already in a coil. The one I use is 4’ high and 5’long. The wire automatically coils and so you can fasten it with wire that comes with the roll and then you have a free standing bin. You can also use snow fencing to make your structure. Be careful not to store your bin near other structures in the yard or near any combustible materials. By leaving the compost bin outside, it will naturally be moistened by the elements.

Fallen Leaves Tips: