Tips for Growing Grapes
(originally published with Stark Bros)

There are so many uses for grapes. Fresh grapes make a healthy fruit snack eaten by the bunch and it’s a great addition to a fruit salad. You can also make delicious jams and jellies and can them to enjoy all winter.

I’m so excited! They’re finally here! My Sweet Lace Grapes that will grow beautifully in my patio container garden.  If you are not familiar with this type of grape, I’ll show you. Sweet Lace grapes are different than the other types of grapes that I grow. The Sweet Lace plants are slightly more delicate with a lacey ruffle in their foliage.

I guess I am so excited because Sweet Lace grapes are perfect for a small garden and I want to share them with you so you can see the endless possibilities in small space gardening.  Here you’ll see that they come in small 4” pots. However they can grow to be 20-40” feet high, so you must keep your eye on them, by pruning them and making sure that they are trained to grow on the support that you have put in place for them.

To transplant them into my galvanized metal containers, I prep the container with organic soil and fertilizer. After the drainage holes are put into the bottom, I also put a layer of gravel at the bottom. Once the grapes are planted, I water each container thoroughly.

Lastly, I will line the containers up 6-10 feet apart from each other, across my lattice. When the time comes you’ll see my patio transform with bountiful beautiful grapes, everywhere. Stay tuned!

Additional Grape Growing Tips:

Pruning Tips for Grapes: