Chicken Chase

Welcome to another day in my life. Here you see what happens when I move my own chicken tractor to a new location to service a fallow bed that needs to be revitalized. If you caught the video where I built the chicken tractor (with my own two hands!), now you can see it in action; the perfect place for protecting my chickens. The tractor is currently housing month-old Araucana chickens that have another month before they will start laying eggs. This is the perfect time for them to be working.  I recommend raising bantam chickens.  They take up much less space, eat less feed, and are easy to care for because bantam chickens are smaller than regular size chickens.  Bantam chicken eggs are also half the size of regular size eggs, but just as delicious.  Two bantam chicken eggs equal about one extra large egg.  In the video, as I move the tractor, some chickens escape. Some go back in on their own and some of them… send me on a wild garden girl chicken chase! It’s all in a day’s work.