Using Milk Paint

What is Milk Paint?

Today you're going to find out.

I'm doing some exterior painting in my garden and milk paint is a special paint that does extremely well with unfinished woods. It is called milk paint because it is made from milk protein, and it soaks up color extremely well, finishing with a nice matte finish. It adds a rustic look to everything that it touches which is why it's so popular for those who know about it, and wood workers swear by it. Once your item is painted, with all the colors except for white, the paint shows water marks which makes your pieces look even more rustic and unique.

Milk paint doesn't come in a gallon or even a half gallon. It comes in a little brown paper bag and you mix it with water

You can also use milk paint indoors on furniture for a unique finish.

By the way, this milk paint is actually made in Groton, Massachusetts. I didn't realize that but good thing, because I love buying local.


Milk paint contains Lime, which means you must wear gloves and be extremely careful not to get it in your eyes or mouth.