Vertical Gardening with Cucumbers

Here you see me working with vining crops, this time Cucumbers. You will see the progress they have made in a short time. When I come out to look at the progress  of my vining crops, I’m always looking for just a couple of things – that the plants are attaching themselves they way they should and that they are starting to flower and even show some signs of fruiting. As you can see with my cucumbers there are several small cucumbers starting to peek out and in one place a cucumber was starting to attach to my tomatoes and I had to gently re-direct them…vegetables are just like children!

One handy tip from this video is you will see that I have built my supports with nylon garden netting.  They are flexible, easy to install, and have large 6”by6” openings for easy access to the cucumbers. I can’t say enough good things about them!

Cucumbers can be harvested between 50-60 days after planting.

My best tip is water them well for the firmest, plumpest results!