Who is Patti Moreno?

In 2007, I needed to introduce myself because no one including me could imagine I would be where I am today. This video is a bit of nostalgia that shows two important things: time flies and nothing is impossible.  This video is just a reminder that Garden Girl is a wife, daughter, mother, gardener and most ironically, a girl from New York City. I was raised in Queens, The Bronx, the lower east side and even some time in Brooklyn. I came to Boston for college and that's where I live today.

My gardening career started after the birth of my daughter. With my pregnancy, I gained a whopping 70 pounds! Gardening helped me shed the pounds and unearth an unimaginable passion for healthy food, a healthier life and a love of growing my own food.   I am the modern American homemaker hoping to inspire other women to not be afraid of the truth: everything old is new again!