Favorite Holiday Gifts for Gardeners with an Eco-Friendly Twist!

Re-produce, Recycle and Reuse is the key to holiday gift giving.  Not only is today’s economy worse than ever, the importance of being eco-friendly is more than a buzz word, it’s crucial.

This video offers you some wonderful ways to make the holiday season more bountiful than ever with more thoughtful and useful gifts. In this video, I show you what I plan to give, but I hope it inspires you to think specifically about your friends and loved ones.  Think about what would be pleasing to them; less expensive for you and most earth-friendly.

These are some of the ideas in the video that may help you:

Potted Herbs – An aromatic, delicious gift that keeps on giving. For as low as $4, you can purchase 4” potted herbs. You will see how I’ve transplanted them from the standard plastic pot into a natural terracotta pot. With a silver pen, I named the specific herb and added decorative moss (which doubles as mulch); added a bow and voila it is a beautiful, bountiful gift!

Knitted Hats – This is only if you knit. But if you do, knitted gifts are extremely cost effective.  The cost of colorful, high quality yarn is negligible.  However, the cost of your time and imagination are priceless.

Reusable Shopping Bags – For less than $2 you can buy reusable shopping bags in bulk that everyone you know will love and use! You can put your own personalized message on them and give them to everyone you know. Not only is the bag reusable, and washable, it serves as a perfect wrapping for your other gifts.

This is a list of gifts specifically for the Gardeners in your life.

Urban Sustainable Living with Patti Moreno, the Garden Girl--4 hr DVD

Give the gift of Garden Girl! This 4-hour DVD covers all aspects of small space gardening like building raised beds, designing a 500 square foot garden, raising chickens in the city, and growing vegetables throughout the four seasons. Whether you are giving this gift to a seasoned gardener or a newbie, I promise that they’ll be inspired by my useful organic vegetable gardening tips. Visit http://www.olivebarn.com to purchase.

Tools: Radius Garden Tools

I’ve been using Radius Garden tools for years because of their durability and ergonomic design.  They have a lifetime guarantee so if anything happens, the company will gladly replaced them.   Visit http://www.radiusgarden.com to purchase a set.

Sun Sensing:  Sunstick

I’m sure that you have noticed that garden centers tend to label plants by the optimum amount of sunlight. You may say, hesitantly, “I have plenty of sunlight!” – but you’re   probably not sure or accurate. How do you tell if you have enough sunlight? The way to finally know the answer to sun accuracy is Sunstick. This nifty device tests whether you have full sun, partial sun, partial shade or full shade in your garden.  Just set it up in the area you’re thinking of planting and see what Sunstick says. Once the results are in, you’ll be shopping with confidence.  Visit http://www.plumstone.com  to purchase.

Gardening Gloves: The Pallina Gloves

After many years and many wasted dollars trying to get the best and most durable gardening gloves, finally, I found them!  Pallina Gardening Gloves look good, feel good and are rugged enough for all the dirt you’ll put them in. They are completely washable and return to good- as-new condition after each wash.  If you aren’t comfortable with leather items, Pallina also has a vegan version of these fantastic gloves.  Your gardening friends will love you! Visit http://www.thePallina.com to purchase.

Water Sensing:  Thirsty Light

Watering at the right time saves you money, helps conserve water and saves your plants!  Many of us tend to over water, but in the world of plants, drinking too much is as dangerous as not drinking enough. For under $15, your gardening friends will love this amazing digital device that blinks when it’s time to water.  Finally, the guess work is done.  Visit http://www.thirstylight.com to purchase.

Planting Containers:  Wooly Pockets Instant Living Wall

Imagine a sweater for your plants. This is what Wooly Pockets are. They are amazingly rugged, pliable containers that can sit on a flat surface or be mounted to your wall. They are made of a thick felt with a moisture barrier that is derived from plastic bottles which is what makes them so durable and weatherproof. Wooly Pockets come in three decorative colors to match your décor or to add an accent.  They are versatile enough to be easily camouflaged or attractive enough to stand on their own as the most unique planter anyone has ever seen.  Visit http://www.woollypocket.com to purchase.