Eco Friendly Christmas Tips

Every season 35 million trees are cut down to accommodate the Christmas season. One tree has the ability to remove 48 pounds of carbon from the atmosphere.

There are countless lessons to teach our children at Christmas time. In addition to this holiday not being about the gifts or material things, you can also teach them about how to make Christmas a time that we preserve our earth.  You might be thinking, BORING – but just look at the video and see how much fun being eco-friendly at Christmas can be.


Favorite Holiday Gifts for Gardeners with an Eco-Friendly Twist!

Re-produce, Recycle and Reuse is the key to holiday gift giving.  Not only is today’s economy worse than ever, the importance of being eco-friendly is more than a buzz word, it’s crucial.

This video offers you some wonderful ways to make the holiday season more bountiful than ever with more thoughtful and useful gifts. In this video, I show you what I plan to give, but I hope it inspires you to think specifically about your friends and loved ones.  Think about what would be pleasing to them; less expensive for you and most earth-friendly.