How to Make an Omelet

My Omelet d' Frommage is a quick and easy cheese omelet. I am sure you already know how to make an omelet, but what I am going to show you is how to make a spectacular omelet with garden fresh ingredients. Dazzle your next breakfast crowd.

I am using my ceramic Flameware skillet on the stove., While most clay pots cannot be used on stoves, my flameware skillet is made out of pottery clay that is then fired at a high temperature allowing it to be stove ready.

While my the pan is heating up, I cut up my organic garlic (which tends to be a little hotter than regular garlic) and my shallots (which are the spicy alternative to onions used in french cuisine). Once the pan is hot, I add a tablespoon of butter.

Thanks to my chickens, I have fresh eggs which are awesome. I whip up two eggs and add them into the pan. Then I add chopped dark purple opal basil and a sprinkle of shredded cheese on top. When the omelet starts to take shape and ready to fold over, it's ready for me to top it off with parsley.

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