Late Summer thru Early Fall

How to Make a Healthy Smoothie with Pawpaws

First you’re asking what are Pawpaws? Believe it or not they are the largest fruit native to North America! They are a delicious fruit very common among Native Americans. The only reason you don’t see them in your local supermarket is that they don’t have a long shelf life making them unable to transport them. The disappointing thing about that is that Pawpaws are absolutely delicious and should be at the top of everyone’s grocery list!  Pawpaws are most abundant in September and they are mostly found in the wild. They are actually berries and you will see them in yellow, green or brown as you see here.  When pawpaws are brown it means that they are the ripest and most delicious!

Pawpaws are actually a large berry and their flavor and texture are reminiscent of banana and mango without the stringy fibers of mangos. The meat inside is sort of like the texture of custard. They are very unique!


Spring Thru Fall

How to Make Stir Fry Beef

My Asian Greens are ready for harvest and tonight my family will have one of my favorite stir fry meals. It’s amazingly simple and tasty.


My beef strips have been marinating overnight in Asian BBQ marinade which is easy to find in your grocery store.


How to Make an Omelet

My Omelet d' Frommage is a quick and easy cheese omelet. I am sure you already know how to make an omelet, but what I am going to show you is how to make a spectacular omelet with garden fresh ingredients. Dazzle your next breakfast crowd.

I am using my ceramic Flameware skillet on the stove., While most clay pots cannot be used on stoves, my flameware skillet is made out of pottery clay that is then fired at a high temperature allowing it to be stove ready.


How to Roast and Stuff a Chicken

This is as traditional a dinner as it can get, but your family will adore it. I am making baked chickens with two Rock Cornish hens that I raised myself. The key to this recipe is to make it with fresh ingredients.

I preheat my oven to 350 degrees. To prepare the chickens, I melt butter and rub it all over my Rock Cornish hens, as you see me doing here. Then, I add my sautéed onions and celery and herbs from my garden to the bread crumbs. I stuff the birds so that the stuffing stays neatly inside the cavity of the bird.


How to Make Maple Syrup

Today I am visiting with Uncle Ted who has been making syrup all of his life, because his father did when he was growing up. Some traditions are hard to break.

When I arrive, Uncle Ted already has a maple tree tapped and the sap is already dripping slowly into the bucket. He says this tree has been tapped for about a week and it is still dripping sap. Uncle Ted lets me put in another spout and lets me use the crank to get the tap securely into the tree.


How to Make a Cilantro Martini

This is a deliciously cool, refreshing drink that starts in the garden. Or at least it should.

When you see the outside of the shaker icing up, it's ready.



How to make Gazpacho Soup fresh from the Garden

My tomatoes are ripe and it’s the perfect time for soup! But not just any old soup, Garden fresh Gazpacho…And, it’s cold.

Let’s take a trip through my garden and get all of the ingredients you need for this simply divine recipe.

The first thing I see is Arugula one of my favorite greens. Actually, Arugula is an herb, it’s a wild plant that grows well and gives your salads a unique look and an interesting flavorful taste.


Cucumber Salad Fresh from the Vine

Cucumbers are such an interesting vegetable. They are cool, crisp, crunchy, hearty and light all at the same time.  If you mix cucumbers with a few simple ingredients, you have one of the best salads around.  Let me show you what I mean.

Let's take a trip into my garden.  Look at them, my cucumbers are huge! Because they were grown on the vine, gravity works to make them grow long, healthy, and straight. I'm so impressed with what nature can do.


How to Make Stuffed Squash Flowers

Did you know that in addition to the fabulous vegetables that squash, zucchini and cucumbers plants bear, they also bring flowers? And, the flowers are completely edible! I am in my French Kitchen Garden Raised Bed and I am admiring how plentiful my squash are this season. Because I don't believe in wasting anything, I am going to show you a recipe that utilizes these tasty squash flowers. Come inside and be prepared for a delicious snack or an elegant appetizer.


Sun Brewed Mint Iced Tea with Lemon

Add tea bags to a large dispensing container or pitcher. Although I'm using a traditional tea, be creative and use any type of tea that you like. I suggest a flavored tea like Peach or Berry. Using about 30 tea bags for a large 6 quart container like mine

Pour the tea over ice and taste why tea is the universal beverage of calm.