How to Make a Healthy Smoothie with Pawpaws

First you’re asking what are Pawpaws? Believe it or not they are the largest fruit native to North America! They are a delicious fruit very common among Native Americans. The only reason you don’t see them in your local supermarket is that they don’t have a long shelf life making them unable to transport them. The disappointing thing about that is that Pawpaws are absolutely delicious and should be at the top of everyone’s grocery list!  Pawpaws are most abundant in September and they are mostly found in the wild. They are actually berries and you will see them in yellow, green or brown as you see here.  When pawpaws are brown it means that they are the ripest and most delicious!

Pawpaws are actually a large berry and their flavor and texture are reminiscent of banana and mango without the stringy fibers of mangos. The meat inside is sort of like the texture of custard. They are very unique!

To grow Pawpaws, the trees are available from Stark Brothers, which is where I bought mine. They are cold hardy – up to zone 4. You can grow them in New England, the Midwest all the way to Florida. They are a versatile berry that can tolerate shade, full shade, or full sun. They can grow to be 40’ tall.

If you don’t know what to do with all of the Pawpaws that you will grow, one idea is that you remove the flesh from the inside and store it in your freezer for up to 6 months.

Pawpaws are high in Vitamin C and are extremely good for you. I use them for baking; an exotic version of my traditional banana bread or I add them to fruit salad but my favorite use for them is making spectacular healthy smoothies.

Here’s to your health! Hooray for Pawpaws!

Pawpaw Smoothie Recipe


about 3 Pawpaws


Scoop out the pawpaw fruit, remove seeds.  (Do Not Eat Seeds!)
Place all ingredients in a blender.
Blend until smooth and enjoy!