How to Make Stuffed Squash Flowers

Did you know that in addition to the fabulous vegetables that squash, zucchini and cucumbers plants bear, they also bring flowers? And, the flowers are completely edible! I am in my French Kitchen Garden Raised Bed and I am admiring how plentiful my squash are this season. Because I don't believe in wasting anything, I am going to show you a recipe that utilizes these tasty squash flowers. Come inside and be prepared for a delicious snack or an elegant appetizer.

Squash flowers are a rare treat because the squash flower ony lasts one day.  They must be picked at dawn and placed in a bowl of cold water in the the refrigerator and use the same day.


Olive Oil, homemade Pesto, Fresh basil leaves, Shredded Mozzarella cheese, One egg, Flour, freshly harvested large squash flowers.

Once you have carefully washed the flowers, open them delicately. Stuff each one with a mixture of shredded cheese and some fresh chopped basil. Use the ends of the flower to close it up by gently twisting it.

After you have whisked the egg (as though you were making scrambled eggs), dip the stuffed flower into the whisked egg and then dip the flower into flour to cover it.

Your olive oil should be heating up slowly on the stove, already. Once it is good and hot, put each flower into the oil. By the time you have put them all in, they are probably ready to be turned. Once they have turned a nice golden brown on both sides, they are ready to be drained and eaten. Just to finish them off, I recommend garnishing with a little homemade lemon pesto. Delicious. Since no one's looking, I can eat them all.