How to Make Thai Cabbage Salad

I have most of the makings of this awesome salad right here in my Asian Greens raised bed. To make this salad, I will harvest Thai Cabbage which is not your typical cabbage. Thai Cabbage does not grow as a "head," it is actually individual thick leaves that have a thick core in the middle that is easily removed. Watch how I do it.

For the salad, I will use about three leaves of cabbage, Thai basil and cilantro. 

In preparation, I have already cut up carrots, red peppers and red onions.

I suggest that you prepare your vinaigrette first.  The mixture consists of:

I mix all of these ingredients together and let stand.

Watch how I remove the stem from the cabbage leaf. For a single salad, I recommend using three full leaves which you will stack on top of each other and then roll them together, making a roll.  Then slice the roll into ¼' wide slices. Once you unroll the slices, you get a fluffy bowl of Thai cabbage.  Next, add your other ingredients; cilantro, dark purple basil, mint, carrots, red onions and red pepper.

The vinaigrette that you already prepared is now ready to be used.

And as the grand finale, I suggest sprinkling some crushed peanuts as a garnish to give it that inimitable Thai accent.

Taste and let the unique flavors melt in your mouth, Fresh from the Garden.


Scoop out the pawpaw fruit, remove seeds.  (Do Not Eat Seeds!)
Place all ingredients in a blender.
Blend until smooth and enjoy!