Tips for making stuffed Grape Leaves, Dolmades

Dolmades:  is an Arabic term meaning "something stuffed." Dolma (stuffed vegetables) became "Dolmades" in Greece.  Dolmades can be stuffed with a number of things to suit individual tastes. They are sort of like the Greek version of Burritos.

Cultivating grapes takes time…a long time; three to four years, in fact! But once you make the investment to grow grapes, the rewards are endless. Their leaves are an added bonus that Greeks have known about for centuries. My neighbors’ Greek grandparents come to visit every year and they always get their grape leaves from my farm to make Dolmades.


Fall is a Perfect time for an Asian Garden

Cold hearty lettuces and vegetables will extend your growing season and bring exotic Asian flavors to your dinner table:

Try these this Fall:

  • Four Season Lettuce (Merveille Des Quatre Saisons)
  • Romaine
  • Swiss chard

Growing and Planting an Italian Kitchen Garden

Ciao, Bella!

If you haven’t already noticed, I have a soft spot in my heart and stomach for Italian Food.  Why, Garden Girl, you ask?  Because, it’s so easy to make; there are endless possibilities and it is always delicious.   Italian Food has always been my family’s favorite, but once I started gardening and preparing my sauces with fresh grown herbs and vegetables, they can’t seem to get enough of the stuff! Just wait until you try it on your family. 


Harvesting My Three Sisters Garden

This video is part two of my Native American Three Sisters Garden video series.

The Iroquois Native Americans were really on to something! In their tradition, every single year, I plant a Three Sisters Garden and watch in awe as it thrives.  This easy-to-plant garden is the epitome of “nature taking its course.”  Amazingly, like three siblings, the plants interact with each other in a complementary nurturing fashion; protecting each other from the elements.


How to Make Thai Cabbage Salad

I have most of the makings of this awesome salad right here in my Asian Greens raised bed. To make this salad, I will harvest Thai Cabbage which is not your typical cabbage. Thai Cabbage does not grow as a "head," it is actually individual thick leaves that have a thick core in the middle that is easily removed. Watch how I do it.

For the salad, I will use about three leaves of cabbage, Thai basil and cilantro.


Wasabi Vinaigrette Salad

I'm treating myself to lunch today. First, I'm starting by hand picking my fresh lettuce straight out of the garden. Wait until you see how much money you are saving by making this restaurant-style lunch right at home.

Use the pesto as a spread on hearty textured bread like Ezekiel Bread (sprouted wheat bread) which is low in carbs and is absolutely delicious.  I should treat myself to lunch more often. You should, too.